Thursday, June 12, 2008

They reach me underground too

Today I drove in Moscow along Jukova street.
When I had crossed Jivopisniy bridge and entered the auto tunnel
their jerking of my head stopped.
I decided to check if the absence of the torture was related to that
I was underground (the tunnel is located several meters under ground).
I switched on my favorite radio station "Radio 7" and heard just the noise.
The radio FM waves ("Radio 7" has very strong emmission)
did not penetrate into that tunnel.
Immediately after I switched on the radio I felt my head strong jerking.
I think they understood my intention to make the check and assisted me in that.
The noise on the radio changed into usual music just after my driving out the tunnel onto the open air.
Also they reach me in moscow metro (the city underground subway) in any place, with any number of people around me.
The same is for electric trains and usual long distance trains too.
I was in Turkey mediterranean resort. They reached me their too.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Nothing has changed

Elections in Russia are finished but all those tortures continue each day.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Losing flesh

I did not update my story because there was nothing new.
All old tortures were continued on their regular intensive plan.

But last month they applied to me another new torture.
They made me lose flesh.
Actualy it was not a new torture.
They did it with me some seven years ago.
I think they use their nanotechnology to control my
phisiological processes.

As a result I got unreally thin.
My muscles became thin.
I lost five to eight kilograms.

My weight is now restoring after they finished this test.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

heart seizure simulation

Several years ago I went from Moscow to Kiev (capital of Ukraine).
Immediately after a railway I went to the center of the Kiev city.
When I went into a telephone cabin in the street over there
suddenly I felt a heart seizure in my breast.
I sat down on a bench nearby and lost consciousness for a while.
All next seven days which I was in Kiev I felt a heart seizure in my breast.
That pain disappeared immediately on my return to Moscow.
I would like to say that it was not a real heart seizure caused by my organizm -
it was russian KGB's nanotechnology which caused that pain.
It was their action to stop me from moving farther away from Russia, from KGB's control.
I am sure in that because I am a very healthy person.
My health was one of the reasons why they selected me for such painful and harmful tortures.

I am sure that many people in Russia are full of russian KGB's nanotechnology.
But not many of them understand that some (rare) wrong movements, wrong words, pains leading to visible consequences, misunderstandings are the result of the nanotechnology which is controled from the computers of the russian KGB.

Monday, March 05, 2007

New torture - choking for several seconds

During the last year or two they have been applying to me a new torture.
When I was driving in my car and switched to another (lower or higher) gear they blocked red bodies in my breast for a short period of time.
They do it when I am just picking up speed too.
So they choke me when I am switching from one thing to another.
Sometimes they apply this torture to me when I am eating.
When I am bringing a spoon or a fork into my mouth they choke me for one-three seconds.
Also they often (every day) apply this type of choking to me when I am starting a new activity (mental or phisical).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blocking red bodies continues

Today russian KGB's nanotechnology blocked red bodies across all my head.
They tried to control my breath too.
Muscles in my breast almost stopped.
It was hard for me to move bones in my breast.
My colleages at my work sat silently in fear
listning how loadly I was fighting for the air.

Media agencies

Last week I sent links to this blog to several media agencies: BBC, Euronews, Reuters, CNN.